A national look at carbon landscapes and meeting place for the USDA Carbon inventory and modeling community.

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About USDA CarbonScapes
The goal of USDA CarbonScapes is to provide a useful and easy to navigate web map application to educate and answer questions for stakeholders about USDA inventory, modeling, and mapping of terrestrial biosphere carbon across the landscape.
USDA NRCS Funded CESU 68-7482-13-511
A collaboration between the USDA and West Virginia University

USDA Soils Contacts
Dr. Mike Wilson
National Leader, Climate Change, Soil Science Division
(402) 437-4137

Sharon Waltman
Soil Scientist - Soil Geography
USDA-NRCS Geospatial Research Unit
(304) 293-9835

Dr. James A. Thompson
Professor of Soils and Land Use
Research Coordinator, NRCS-Geospatial Research Unit
(304) 293-2921
Technical Contacts
WV GIS Technical Center
Maneesh Sharma
(304) 293-0557

WV GIS Technical Center
Frank LaFone
(304) 293-0557